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Cigdem Orer was born in 1979, İstanbul. She graduated from Yıldız Technical University, Department of Mathematical Engineering and Computer Engineering with double major programs. Immediately after completing her university education, she started to work at Garanti Technology. During this 10-year period, she worked and managed many software projects. After being transferred to Doğuş Technology in 2012, she specialized in Finance, Fleet and Factoring, carried out works with project teams that experienced hype technologies such as AI, NLP, BOT, Cognitive Services, Machine Learning. Since January 2019, she has been working as a Software Group Manager at Doğuş Teknoloji.

Speaker: DevOps Compatible with Business Goals

Nowadays, it is an important issue in the IT world is Devops, a definition of DevOps everywhere, a DevOps transformation in every company, a DevOps team formation in every organization… What exactly is DevOps? What does DevOps do for me? What do I lose if I don’t make DevOps? As we search for answers to these questions in our minds, we come up with a new question that seeks answers, “What is the value proposition of business analysts at DevOps?, “Why should business analysts be in this organization?”
Business analysts want to develop effective systems, bridge issues and solutions, focus on customer satisfaction and desire to create VALUABLE outputs.
We will look at the roles and responsibilities of business analysts within the DevOps cycle, the plateau of the story from the need for business to the transformation of this need into VALUE. Biz-Devops chain in plateau, the need within this chain, integrating the need into the pipeline, going towards the targeted business VALUE with the development and operation teams … and finally that is to measure output, exactly the business VALUE…
What will we do together? We will try to hold a huge lens to the BizDevOps together, and our direction will be VALUE, to capture what is VALUABLE…

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