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Unleashing the Power of Strategic Analysis

Unleashing the Power of Strategic Analysis

You work hard to deliver successful business projects: spending much effort trying to make sense of high-level, vague or incomplete stakeholder requirements; having to make assumptions around the business objectives, strategy and tactics; trying to understand how the IT system fits into the bigger picture of the organisation, process and people.
Yet, the more you get stuck into the detail, the more gaps you find. First, there’s the problem of stated requirements fixing symptoms rather than addressing the root cause. Then there’s the issue of having to resolve conflicting stakeholder perspectives. Plus you have dozens of new questions regarding the roles, procedures, rules and data, etc.
That’s the problem with diving into solution-mode; the solution doesn’t first consider the whole situation.
And the deeper you go, the more analysis you need to do, meaning backtracking and rework is required. The milestones move, or, worse still, are missed altogether. And the longer this goes on, the higher the costs escalate. There’s the stress and the pressure and this frustrating feeling that the project isn’t getting anywhere.
Isn’t it time you drove the solution with business, rather than letting business drive the solution at you?
This session will open your eyes by taking you on a journey of discovery into the world of pre-project analysis.

You’ll consider:

#A framework you can use to write a meaningful story,

#Supported by techniques that illustrate the need, and

#Spoken in a language that resonates with stakeholders

Whether you are just starting out thinking about enterprise business analysis or have been working in this space for some time, this session will give you expert guidance to avoid the pitfalls of diving into solution mode and deliver business projects the strategic way.

Who is Joe Newbert?

Joe Newbert is a consultant, a writer, a speaker and above all a teacher.

As Chief Training Officer at Business Change Academy, Joe spends most of his time helping business analysts to grow their skills, as well as working with organisations to leverage the benefits of good practices in business analysis.

A seasoned international conference speaker, Joe is the Editor at the popular Inter- View Report and a Podcast Host on OneSixEight.FM. In addition, he co-authored the IIBA® Business Analysis Competency Model and currently serves as Non-Executive Director on the IIBA-SA Strategy Board.

You can read Joe’s blog at and follow him on Twitter at @Newbert.

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