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About Kashif Riaz

Kashif Riaz is a regional director with IIBA® for Europe, Africa & Middle East region managing the IIBA® chapters in the region to ensure a strong relationship between IIBA® head office and chapters within the region.
His primary goal is to bring awareness and importance about business analysis and analysts to increase productivity and effectiveness within organisations.
He is an experienced and certified business analyst professional with 15 + years of experience in business analysis and leadership roles in both profit and non-profit organisations.
He also speaks at international events and conferences mainly on business analysis and entrepreneurship.
In his leisure time, he writes poems and stories in his mother tongue. He is also honorary ambassador of Sultanate of Buayan, Philippines for Scotland.

Keynote: Business Analysis in Europe vs Middle East vs Africa,
by Kashif Riaz (UK)

As a regional director of Europe, Middle East and Africa, Kashif will be speaking about business analysis and business analyst perspective in Europe, Middle East and Africa. Few Business Analysis statistics, mainly about UK, South Africa and Dubai, will be shared. Will be sharing about business analysis in Turkey and its comparison with rest of the world.
Additionally, he will be sharing his own story as an international BA working in Middle East and Europe.
This should give attendees an overview of how business analysis is perceived in Europe and Middle East regions and how the business analysis role has evolved over the years.

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