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Pınar Cinali &

Emrah Yayıcı &

Meltem Bayrak &

Filiz İvriz Budak

Opening Speech:

Metaphysics of Business Analysis & Design Thinking: Digital Beings @ 3rd Place 

Metaphysics of Business Analysis & Design Thinking: Digital Beings @ 3rd Place 

3rd Place is a concept that was created by Sociologists Ray Oldenburg which refers to places other than home and work. Most people use Starbucks as a 3rd Place to meet, work and socialize. As our lives get more digitalized, the need for virtual 3rd Places have substantially increased. Physical 3rd Places are designed by architects. On the other side the design of Virtual 3rd Places needs transdisciplinary collaboration between architects and software engineers. Business Analysis and Design Thinking techniques are serving as a perfect medium to intersect the competencies of these two separate disciplines. Techniques are super helpful in modelling most functional, usable and smart systems. But what about if we go beyond this and want to create virtual 3rd Places that interact with us likewise the magical relationship of universe with every single being. Emrah Yayıcı, Pınar Cinali as engineers and Meltem Bayrak, Filiz Budak as architects will explain how they blend Business Analysis and Design Thinking techniques with metaphysical interpretations to create most meaningful “Software with a Soul”.

Who is Emrah Yayıcı?

Emrah Yayıcı contributes to IIBA® (International Institute of Business Analysis) as Istanbul Chapter President.

He is tending the rhizome at ArtBizTech and intersecting art, technology and science at bang. Prix.

He is currently one of the partners of BA-Works, Explori, UXservices, Keytorc and Continium teams. He has best-selling books published on about design thinking, innovation, business analysis and UX design. He is sharing his experience on these fields by giving keynote speeches at conferences and orchestrating workshops at different cities of the world.

Who is Meltem Bayrak?

Meltem believes in the power of life-centered design which is best interpreted at the intersection of business, art and philosophy. After working as an architect for several years, she decided to apply her interdisciplinary approach at other fields and expanded her career to Strategic Design which brings designer skillset and business mindset together. She is helping businesses and organizations in ‘creating the new as a team’ by applying Design Thinking methodology, Business Anthropology and Sensemaking practices.

Who is Filiz İvriz Budak?

IIBA Certified,  experienced Business Analyst and Trainer, taking an active role in the BA professional community. She is also an architect with a demonstrated history of working in the design and construction industry. She is a lifelong learner, now trying to discover the extraordinary with combining her experiences in design and her curiosity in technology, art and science. Believes in the power of “multidisciplinary working as a team” in business and organizations with using Agile and Design Thinking methodologies.

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