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12.00 – 12.40

Meltem Bayrak, Chief Executive Officer @UXservices

Reydan Yaşar, BA Coach & Trainer @BA-Works

Opening Speech: Joining Forces: The BA-UX Manifesto for Collaborative Excellence

12.40 – 13.20

Delvin Fletcher, President & CEO @IIBA

Keynote: A Third Way: Business Analysis in an Ai World

15 Min Break

13.35 – 14.15

Indi Young, Author, Trainer, Founding Partner @Adaptive Path

Keynote: Listening Deeply: Supporting a Variety of Thinking Style

14.15 – 14.35

Sarah Barrett, Director of Information Architecture @Microsoft

Keynote: The ‘How’ of Enterprise Information Architecture

15 Min Break

14.35 – 15.00

AI Exhibition

15.00 – 15.40

Debbie Levitt, Chief Experience Officer @Delta CX

Keynote: Your Experience Ecosystem: Impact Business Success, Profit, and Growth

15 Min Break

15.50 – 16.25

Anna Kochanowska, Lead Business Analyst @Roche

Keynote: Elevating the BA&UX Toolkit with Product Thinking

16.25 – 17.05

Jen Blatz, Principal UX Researcher @BECU (Boeing Employee Credit Union)

Keynote: Rethinking Personas: Quickly Align Your Team Around Users with the Innovative “Scenario Alignment Canvas


12.00 – 12.20

Emrah Yayıcı, Amazon Bestselling Author, Managing Partner @BA-Works

Keynote: Business Analysis, PO & UX with AI

12.20 – 13.00

Vaida Pakulyte, UX Lead & Coach @Technigo

Keynote: Building Products that Resonate: A Dive into UX Psychology and Neuroscience

15 Min Break

13.15 – 13.50

Ian Harvey, Strategy and OKR Coach @Outcomes Thinking

Keynote: Connecting Strategy and OKR

13.50 – 14.25

Pavithra Aravindan, UX Designer @Amazon

Keynote: Crafting Empowering Support Experiences at Amazon

15 Min Break

14.40 – 15.00



Rhishikesh Thakur, AI Product Manager @SAP

Keynote: AI Strategy Product Management

15 Min Break

15.40 – 16.30

Laura Robey, Principal Product Manager @Walmart

Colleen Cristaralle, Business Systems Analyst @Simmons Foods

Keynote: Fearless and Unapologetic Diagramming


12.00 – 12.40

Bola Adesope, Founder/Lead

Keynote: You Don’t Know Me: The P in Product

12.40 – 13.20

Meltem Mutlutürk, PhD, Researcher @Bogazici University

Keynote: Cybersecurity and Product Design: Crafting Secure and User-Centric Digital Experiences

15 Min Break

13.35 – 14.15

Jennifer Bedell, Senior Business Analyst
@Mariner Innovations

Keynote: Stakeholder Engagement in a global environment: Keeping them off Facebook and in your meeting

13.15 – 14.55

Ryan Folster, Consulting Services Manager: Business Analysis @Dimension Data

Keynote: Redefining Progress: The Next Frontier

15 Min Break

15.10 – 15.50

Kathy Berkidge, Agile BA, Trainer and Coach @Mind at Work Consulting

Keynote: Building Effective Teams with the Team Collaboration Canvas

15 Min Break

16.00-  16.40

Todd Lombardo, Product Leader and Design Strategist @TycheTools

Ramli John, Content Director @Appcues

Conversation: Is Your Product Delightfully Awesome?

15 Min Break

16.40 – 17.00

Closing Party