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The Path to Innovation with a Process Generating Agility

The power of innovation not only determines the winner in today’s rapidly changing competitive business world but also devastates the others that ignores it with a lethargy of the past achievements. The past is gone, the future is uncertain. What we need to do is to manage the uncertainty of the future today by saving ourselves from the bonds of convention. But how?

Even the Agile manifesto says that individuals and interactions were more valuable than processes and tools, there is such a process that Agile approaches are founded on it: empiricism. If you know to which direction you want to go, this is your vision, you can be sure that the path will be seen with your first step. This first step is what you do today in order to get the knowledge you need whether you are in the right course or not.

If you have a well defined route and a known destination you are lucky, this is experience. But do not forget that your experience belongs to the past and does not take you to the unknown destination, namely innovation.

Innovation is such a thing that you need to be in an endless journey at any moment. I know it is scaring but you must be courageous to address the uncertainty in your way with empiricism even a failure is an option. In case of failure you should continue to walk with your friends committed to team success. You have to get rid of the impediments in your way collaboratively without sacrificing your values and principles for the success at any cost. Then you will see that you are not in the place where you were yesterday. You progress everyday by adding new things on top of your yesterday’s achievements. That’s the agility.

I am going to try to explain the relationship among empiricism, agility and innovation, in the BAistanbul Conference on December 5, 2017

About Tolga Demirel

Tolga Demirel is an agile coach and trainer. During his career in banking sector he had an extensive experience in various domains such as retail banking, alternative delivery channels, business process management, corporate organization management, change&project management, and IT governance. He led to Agile transformation of the bank he worked for and participated in many Agile projects as an Agile coach&trainer for the adoption of agility culture company-wide. He founded his firm, Agileanco, in 2015. Since then, he has been going on to facilitate the Agile journeys of many firms.

Tolga Demirel
Agileanco – Managing Director

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