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Chandika Jayasundara &

Nick Foster &

Oshala Warz


Connecting the Dots with New Visual Paradigms

Connecting the Dots with New Visual Paradigms

While we are used to some standard visual frameworks, we have seen some experiment by combining different visual frameworks and patterns to explain requirements, business scenarios to aid different aspects of a project during it’s lifecycle.
During the workshop we will explore techniques, patterns and some non-traditional ways of combining age-old frameworks to produce results that encourage collaboration, story telling and critical analysis.
The workshop will be around:
– Some theoretical approaches for information visualisation and communication
– Briefly show some of the standard constructs used, from flowcharts, mindmaps etc, to decision making frameworks such as SWOT, Business Model Canvas etc.
– Look at how techniques in visual information augmentation for these frameworks will tune the visuals to be more ‘decision oriented/critical analysis oriented/collaboration oriented’.
– Illustrate how to use these visual strategies in collaborating remotely and running workshops.

Who is Chandika Jayasundara?

Chandika is the Co-founder & CEO of Creately. With over 15 years of experience in building technology and working with customers in Visualization, visual collaboration and diagramming Chandika has a unique insight in how organizations can drive innovation and growth by using Visual techniques.
A software engineer turned entrepreneur, Chandika has wide experience in product design, marketing and growth, advising and supporting diverse organizations to scale and expand their operations in multiple geographies.

Who is Nick Foster?

Nick is a visual thinker and the co-founder of and an experiential product leader. He has spent his entire career working in IT and SaaS – designing new products, finding product market fit and driving the metrics. Having worked in multi-channel and omni-channel environments to deliver commercial products that have delighted and excited customers.
He has managed product, engineering, customer success and data science teams within diverse sectors, from retail to legal, all within high growth businesses.
His passion for collaboration and visual communication has meant he has been able to lead remote and local teams and achieve results by aligning people to achieve the vision.

Who is Oshala Warz?

Oshala is an award winning business transformation leader and a Design Thinking practitioner who has partnered with Fortune 500 companies to enable business transformation using innovative human centered solutions.
He has also worked extensively in the technical domain leading customer experience and quality teams across Singapore, China and the USA to deliver solutions used daily by millions of customers around the world, and is now, a leadership coach, innovation facilitator, change management consultant, keynote speaker and conducts youth empowerment programs especially targeted for the less fortunate youth in various countries.

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