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Debra Paul

Service thinking and design thinking offer ways of looking anew at business, products and customer relationships. However, if they are to offer genuine insights and innovations, they need the firm foundation offered by analytical skills. Debra Paul will examine how a service design world view aligns with business analysis and how this enables a business to move from customer-centric ‘talk’ to customer-centric action.

This session is relevant for all the attendees including who are new to the field.

Who is Debra Paul?

Dr Debra Paul

Debra Paul is the Managing Director of Assist Knowledge Development Ltd, a training and consultancy company specialising in business analysis and business change. Debra co-authored the publications, Business Analysis, Agile and Business Analysis, Business Analysis Techniques and Delivering Business Analysis. Debra is a keen advocate of service science and design thinking, and developed the Business Analysis Service Framework during her doctoral research.

Debra is a regular speaker at business seminars and IS industry events. She has delivered keynote presentations at conferences, is a founder member of the BA Manager Forum and was the chief architect of the Advanced International Diploma in Business Analysis.

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