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Keynote: Why Your Organization Needs A High-Performing Agile Analysis and Planning Competency


When organizations transform to agile approaches, they often focus on the technical aspects and forget about the analysis part. For most of his professional life, Podeswa has been focused on helping organizations navigate this less-understood piece of the transition and establish an effective agile analysis and planning competency. In this talk, he draws on lessons learned from those experiences, and guidelines from his recently published book, The Agile Guide to Business Analysis and Planning, to explain why an effective agile analysis and planning competency is vital to the success of large-scale agile organizations and effective product ownership, and its key guidelines for promoting innovation and adaptability.

This session is relevant for all the attendees including who are new to the field.

Who is Howard Podeswa?

Howard Podeswa is a thought leader in the intersection of agile and business analysis. For over twenty years, he has been helping large organizations adapt and optimize their business analysis and planning practices for agile software development approaches. He has authored two books based on these experiences that have become staple references for practitioners – UML for the IT Business Analyst (2nd edition, cengage, 2009), exploring the BA function within an iterative-incremental process and The Business Analyst’s Handbook (cengage, 2008), a reference manual for BAs in agile and traditional organizations. He has just completed a new book that updates this guidance for agile BAs and product owners: The Agile Guide to Business Analysis and Planning – from Strategic Plan to Continuous Value Delivery (Pearson Addison-Wesley, April, 2021). At Noble Inc., he has provided agile and business analysis services to clients worldwide, including the International Standards Organization (ISO), Moody’s, the Mayo Clinic, TELUS, TD Bank, LabCorp, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Mawer Investment Management Ltd., Bell Nexia, and REI Coop.

Howard is a widely requested speaker at international BA and agile events, including European BA Day (Frankfurt, 2019), the Toronto Agile Community Conference (2015), the BBC Conference (2016, 2014), the agile Norway Developers Conference (NDC 2013), the BA Forum (Poland) and BA World conferences across North America. He is also a professional artist whose works have been shown extensively in commercial and public galleries. His exhibitions include “A Brief History” (Kelowna Gallery, Koffler Gallery) and “Still Life with Paper” (Birch Contemporary).

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