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About Oliver Bossert

Senior Knowledge Expert with extensive expertise in enterprise architecture, eCommerce, multichannel strategy and technology requirements for a successful implementation of a multichannel strategy at retailers and other customer-facings companies.

Keynote: Collaboration With The Business In The Digital Era

The business in many industries is impacted by the digital disruption

  • Digital transformations are characterized by a “The winner always takes it all” principle as marginal costs of an additional user are close to zero with purely digital goods
  • Established companies have to realize that they have to adapt to digital to stay in the business
  • To become digital it is essential that companies start to work in an architecture of 2 speeds – one more transactional, stable and reliable part and one part that is far more agile, flexible and acts in a similar way as a digital native would do

Digital requires a 2-speed architecture and 2 different ways of “business thinking”

  • This 2-speed-architecture has several implications on how to “Think like the business”
  • First, one has to realize that there are two different types of business in the company: A more agile business with a “fail-faster” mindset and a more stable and reliable business
  • Secondly the processes, the communication devices and the governance have to be fundamentally different

How to improve collaboration by “Talking like and with the business”

  • Having one enterprise-wide view on the development of the IT- and process-landscape becomes more and more important – in particular in a 2-speed environment where IT becomes more and more important for the boardroom
  • A key prerequisite for a close collaboration with the business is to have a joint language that is understood by business and IT stakeholders

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