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Make Brilliant Work

Rod will focus on how design thinking can be applied to non-design areas such as science, banking, finance and many other areas. He will give examples of how he has used design thinking to innovate new products for the medical world, technology companies such as Samsung.

The talk will address three areas.

1 How to get brilliant ideas.
Learn a range of idea generation techniques to ensure your work addresses the needs of your audience.

2 How to transform ordinary ideas into brilliant work.
A range of methods will be explained that will help you transform ordinary work into brilliant work.

3 How to be a brilliant leader that leads a team to produce brilliant work. Great work is produced by great teams. You will be shown techniques to lead a team to produce brilliant work.

This session is relevant for all the attendees including who are new to the field.

Who is Rod Judkins?

Rod Junkins is the author of five books, most recently ‘Make Brilliant Work’. Rod’s book, The Art of Creative Thinking, was an international bestseller. Rod also delivers creative thinking talks and workshops to companies and businesses across England and the world.

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