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Speaker: Nurturing Product Thinking

Product Thinking to be developed much early on, even in Non-Tech roles such as Sales, Marketing, Biz Ops. The same applies as one starts his/her career in Product and Engineering.

Taking an idea from the concept stage all the way to market launch, startup founders struggle at the junction of certain milestones where they want to grow fast – primarily as they lack Product Thinking or under-estimate this key trait. Product Management as a function is usually an after-thought and this mindset hinders scaling fast.

Product Thinking is even more fundamental and foundational than Product Management and Agile Methodology.

Applies to: Working Professionals (beginners to senior leaders) and Students in courses (undergraduate or graduate) closer to completion and about to embark on their career.

This session is relevant for all the attendees including who are new to the field.

Who is Shesh Vasudevamurthy?

Shesh Vasudevamurthy is an Entrepreneur, Product Leader and an Executive Coach. He brings 25 years of experience in Product Management, Strategy Consulting and Engineering spanning across US and India, across MNCs to SMBs to early stage start-ups.

His enterprise experiences include Walmart, Amazon, Cisco, Groupon, Ericsson, Netgear while startup experiences include CPO and Co-CEO of Lemnisk (AI-driven Growth Marketing) and Co-founder and CPO of Xervmon Inc (US based Cloud Management).

He holds MBA from Santa Clara Univ and also completed Executive Program in Product Management and Business Strategy from University of California, Berkeley,

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